Kinaltek has established a large portfolio of intellectual property pertaining to our platform technology.

Industrial Production Scale-Up

Some of our work is being scaled up to industrial production while other applications are ready for licensing, investment and/or joint development. Our technologies and products include:


Silicon and carbon-silicon composites for application in batteries. The technology includes variants for green processing of natural graphite and for direct production of high-performance carbon-silicon systems as a drop-in solution for the battery market.



Metallic pigments for application in coating using glass flakes coated with a choice of silicon, titanium, copper, zinc and other metals from a variety of 20 different elements.


Precursor alloys for Raney catalysts; customised composition based on metal aluminides and metal aluminides-aluminium oxide composites. The resulting catalysts have superior functionality relative to most commercial products.


Technology for production of metal powders for general manufacturing; customised composition of alloys based on most transition metals, including pure alloys and metal-Al2O3 composites


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