Kinsil is the Kindirect analogue, focused on producing nano-silicon for emerging electrification and energy storage applications.

While silicon itself is classed as a semi-metal, it too exists naturally in a highly stable inorganic form as Silicon Dioxide (commonly known as silica) and requires high energy inputs to reduce it to pure silicon and further grind it down to nano-powder.

Conventional production of pure silicon from natural silica is a complex multi-step process that uses highly hazardous and toxic chemical intermediates.

Similar to KindirectTM , Kinaltek has developed a single step aluminothermic reduction method known as KinsilTM.

KinsilTM can transform multiple affordable and abundant types of amorphous silica into nano-Silicon as well as silicon-carbon composite powders and silicon nanowires. This technology is experiencing significant momentum in the context of the Net-Zero transition especially when it comes to energy storage and mobility.

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